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General Tire Grabber AT3 225 65 R17 102H


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Prekės kodas: 9998337412232 Garantija:  24 mėnesiai
110.92 €

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Prekės pagrindinės savybės:

  • Naudojimas: Visureigiams
  • Skersmuo (coliai), R: 17
  • Plotis (mm): 225
  • Aukštis (%): 65
  • Kuro sąnaudų efektyvumas: F
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Mėnesinė įmoka: 10.57
General Tire General Tire Grabber AT3 225 65 R17 102H General Tire Grabber AT3
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

General Tire Grabber AT3 - Your access to any adventure! Grabber AT3 is the latest generation of an all terrain tire type off-road cars and pickups. Intended use - 50% asphalt / 50% in difficult terrain. Convincing caurgājamība and unsurpassed off-road driving comfort on the asphalt pavement.
Grabber AT3 tires are both M + S and the alpine symbol markings. This means that the tires are safe to be used throughout the year, the Latvian winter conditions

Grabber AT3 technological innovation:

  • TracGen technology
    Adhesion ribbing and different angles placed sipes provide unmatched traction sinking and difficult terrain. By contrast, open-tread shoulder provide effective self-cleaning capacity of the mud.
  • Duragen technology
    The robust rubber composition provides excellent protection against mechanical damage. Reinforced tread blocks reduces tire deformation. Both properties tread improves the lifetime of rough terrain and increased load conditions. Ultra-high-strength steel strip carcass ensures an even distribution of pressure on the patch. This helps to improve driving stability.
  • Comfort Balance technology
    A steady, driving in the direction of ordered way the tread block geometry and uniform pressure distribution on the patch provides extremely smooth and pleasant driving. This really will be a quieter and more comfortable all-terrain type of tire on asphalt, which will be experienced!
9998337412232 110.92
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