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Absolute 1 Year LoJack for Laptops International


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Absolute Absolute 1 Year LoJack for Laptops International Absolute 1 Year LoJack for Laptops International
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Millions of laptops are stolen every year. Only LoJack for Laptops patented software has a Theft Recovery Team that works to find and recover your stolen laptop, and enables you to remotely lock and delete sensitive data.

28,000+ STOLEN LAPTOPS RETURNED. Without LoJack for Laptops, the odds of recovering a stolen laptop are about 3%. But every year, thousands of people get their stolen laptops back, thanks to the combination of our embedded technology and exclusive theft recovery agents. If your protected computer is stolen, the team tracks it, and work with local law enforcement to get it back in your hands.

Our Theft Recovery Team has proven capabilities with internet investigations, computer forensics and cyber crime. They are featured speakers at public engagements on topics ranging from regulatory matters to legal issues around data privacy and computer crime.

Works to get your stolen laptop back.

Our team's legal expertise is based on years of experience in the prosecution of organized and computer crimes, including the drafting of legislation related to computers and technology. Areas of specialty include extensive knowledge of the legal landscape in North America as well as regulatory matters and data privacy laws in other countries.

To date, the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team has recovered 28,000+ devices in over 95 countries.

You deserve the strongest protection available, and LoJack for Laptops puts our  patented persistence technology on your side. Here is how it works:

1. A small portion of our technology is embedded into most computers at the factory. 
2. When you install LoJack for Laptops, you're installing the Computrace® Agent that will activate our technology. It is very difficult to detect and is virtually tamper-proof. 
3. The Agent will contact the Absolute Monitoring Center via the internet at regular intervals. 
4. When you send a Lock or Delete command from your account, the next time your computer connects to the internet the Agent will receive and carry out the command. 
. If your laptop is stolen, the Theft Recovery Team uses this persistent connection to obtain forensic evidence that will aid local law enforcement in their investigation. 


Prevent Use of Your Lost Laptop
Use Device Lock to block your computer remotely, denying potential identity thieves access to your computer and personal data. You can also choose to display a customized lock-out message onscreen.

Protect Your Privacy Remotely
Our Data Delete feature helps you prevent costly and traumatic identity theft. With it, you can remotely and selectively erase sensitive files, personal photos, financial data, and stored passwords.

Get Your Laptop and Life Back
Every year, thousands of people get their stolen laptops back, thanks to our patented technology and experienced Theft Recovery Team. If stolen, we use our technology to track it, and work with local law enforcement to get it back in your hands. 

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