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HP UE339E Next Business Day On-Site Care Pack 3 year


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265.00 €


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HP HP UE339E Next Business Day On-Site Care Pack 3 year HP UE339E Next Business Day On-Site Care Pack 3 year
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The Electronic HP Care Pack Services (e-Care Pack) capability allows you to order, receive, update, and activate a wide range of valuable HP Care Pack Services over the Internet. Administered through the HP Services Network (CSN), it is a fast and simple process that enables immediate registration and service activation.

Increase equipment availability and productivity with high-quality onsite and remote support for your HP hardware, as well as selected multivendor equipment. This flexible HP Care Pack packaged service covers desktops, workstations, servers, notebooks and laptops, network equipment, and printing.

Choose Next Business Day Hardware Support when you need to: extend your hardware warranty coverage for key systems and devices; obtain easy-to-buy, easy-to-use onsite services; improve hardware performance and uptime; increase the return on your HP and multivendor hardware investments; enjoy consistent service coverage across geographically dispersed sites.
If your business deals with sensitive or legally protected data, you know that it's not a simple matter to give away a defunct hard disk, but keeping a defective drive conflicts with the terms and conditions of many standard warranty agreements. If you don't return the defective drive, you'll be charged for the replacement part. So how can you ensure that the disk remains secured in your protection without having to pay the full price of a new drive? HP's Onsite Hardware Support with Retention Service keeps your hard disks where they belong - under your control.
UE339E 265.00
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