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Mitsu Battery For Acer Aspire 5520/5920 4400mAh


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Prekės kodas: BC/AC-AS5920 Garantija:  24 mėnesiai
22.30 €


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  • Technologija: Li-Ion
  • Akumuliatoriaus talpa: 4400 mAh
  • Elementų (celių) skaičius: 6
  • Suderinami nešiojamų kompiuterių gamintojai: Acer
  • Spalva: Juoda
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Mėnesinė įmoka: 2.13
Mitsu Mitsu Battery For Acer Aspire 5520/5920 4400mAh Mitsu Battery
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MITSU batteries are proven and trusted by tens of thousands of customers dedicated to notebook and laptop batteries and ultrabooks and netbooks, known primarily in the Polish and Czech markets. Each battery signed by the MITSU logo is a unique security concern. By default, new overvoltage, overvoltage, short circuit, overload, deep discharge and overcharge are all peace of mind for you, and for MITSU, the obligation and promise of inviolable quality standards.Only used and proven Class A cells guarantee that our declared capacity is a reality and a much slower decrease in nominal capacity compared to widely available alternatives. CE, ROHS, ISO9001, no lithium-ion memory effect, efficiency and ecology - MITSU package as standard.By investing your time at MITSU Battery you are also guaranteed that you are working with a brand that is not indifferent to environmental degradation. Mitsu Battery is a constant co-operation with recycling organizations dealing with selective collection, recovery, recycling and environmental education.Join the MITSU family and recharge your quality battery near the original.
BC/AC-AS5920 22.30
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