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Sir Safety System Clima S1 SRC Black 40


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Prekės kodas: 2607440_SIR Garantija:  24 mėnesiai
35.16 €

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Prekės pagrindinės savybės:

  • Tipas: Sandalai
  • Dydis: 40
  • Išorės medžiaga: Mikropluoštas
  • Pado medžiaga: PU
  • Batų nosis: Kompozitas
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Mėnesinė įmoka: 3.35
Sir Safety System Sir Safety System Clima S1 SRC Black 40 Sir Safety System Clima S1 SRC
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Adjustable clog with 200 joule composite toecap. Perforated microfibre upper.
ECO-AGE UPPER in microfibre: this ecological product (non-animal origin) features the same characteristics and performances as cowhide leather (breathable, lightweight and elastic).
PU LIGHT mono-density polyurethane SOLE. Extra wide fitting shoe which provides a secure fit, whatever foot shape. Anti-slip SRC standard. 3 mm thick INSOLES in soft EVA material with anti-weariness properties. They are interchangeable, ensuring continued hygiene and cleanliness. High draining capacity DRY-PLUS LINING prevents feet overheating.

Main features:
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Wide fit for greater comfort
  • Comfortable, soft and breathable
  • Its characteristics help improve long-term use by reducing tiredness
  • Excellent anti-slip properties thanks to its micro-grooves
  • The self-cleaning sole allows evacuation of liquids and impurities
  • Horizontal grooves for drainage of liquids
  • Anti-slip ribbing
  • Wide fitting sole

The product is designed and manufactured to comply with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC, and to conform to the requirements of European standards EN 20345. It is classified as PPE Cat. II.
2607440_SIR 35.16
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