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Gardena MasterControl C1030 Plus Irrigation Computer


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Gardena Gardena MasterControl C1030 Plus Irrigation Computer Gardena MasterControl C1030 Plus Irrigation Computer
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The Gardena Irrigation computer MasterControl solar is confirmed on the crane and regulates the Automatic watering of your garden, for example with nozzles, a drop of system such as the Micro-Drip-System or the Gardena Sprinkler system. The top model MasterControl solar has a powerful solar cell that stores energy in its included Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Even if it is cloudy, the battery is charged, so that the system continues to work uninterrupted and reliable. Programming the irrigation operation is simple: the control unit with the large and clear display can be taken off to make programming easier. The large display with instructions on the screen to select in ten languages from which programming steps in what order must be implemented. With the large, easy-to-use rotary knob the desired data can be easily customized. Daily there may be up to six independent programs or irrigation intervals each with a duration of one minute up to 9 hours 59 minutes will be selected. Added flexibility: the desired irrigation days can also be freely selected. In combination with the water dispenser automatic of Gardena connect up to six different devices can be operated separately. For a water-saving operation there may be a Gardena rain sensor or the water level sensor. The water full sensor regular watering with the sensor is also possible. For the operation of the Gardena irrigation computer MasterControl is a 9 V alkaline battery required (not included). This provides approximately one year for reliable operation. The integrated battery voltage display indicates when the battery needs to be replaced.

Automatic and time-saving watering

With a Gardena Irrigation computer is sprayed your garden in a reliable way-even if you are not at home. You like more time and your garden is lush and green, with beautiful, healthy plants. With the Automatic watering early in the morning or late at night there less water evaporates. This saves you money and is there focused and optimal sprayed.

Easy programming

The control unit with the large and clear display can be removed to the programming easier. The programming is intuitive and is explained step by step on the display. You can choose from ten languages.

Flexible spray control

More flexible can almost not. For watering your garden, you can choose from six watering programs for each day. The duration of watering can be adjusted from one minute up to 9 hours and 59 minutes. For extra flexibility, you can pick and choose the desired days on which it is sprayed. If the watering should be started immediately, the system can also be manually activated.

Water-saving effect

There may be a Gardena rain sensor or the water level sensor; then the Automatic watering paused on the basis of the humidity of the soil and the rainfall. The water level sensor with the Gardena watering can also be arranged only on the basis of the sensor.

High level of automation

In combination with the Gardena water dispenser automatic, 1197-20, connect up to six different devices can be operated separately.
900964001 119.69
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