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Lenor Floral Romance 1.9l


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  • Tipas: Skalbinių minkštikliai
  • Tūris, svoris arba kiekis: 1.9 l
  • Naudojimo būdas: Universalus
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Lenor Lenor Floral Romance 1.9l Lenor Floral Romance
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Have you ever noticed how a scent can bring forth a rush of vivid memories?

Smells are known to evoke the strongest of memories. That's why Lenor creates scents that help make your special moments more memorable by leaving a scented impression with every memory you make. From sensual to uplifting, Lenor fabric conditioners have a scent to match any mood or occasion. Make those occasions even more enjoyable by embracing the softness provided by Lenor fabric conditioners and wrap you and your family in long lasting softness.

Protect the clothes you love.

Since Lenor launched their first fabric softener in 1963, they've believed a long lasting, fabulous fragrance is as important as keeping your clothes looking newer for longer. It’s a representation of how you feel and who you are, whether relaxed and mellow or refreshed and invigorated. That’s why they've worked hard to create a range of fragrances that will appeal to every mood and keep your laundry smelling amazing wash after wash. Lenor believes pleasure can be found in the smallest moments, like when you pull on a super soft jumper that smells spectacular. That’s what drives them to keep on innovating year after year.

4X longer lasting freshness

Make your moments last by keeping your laundry fresh for longer with Lenor fabric conditioners.

For fabric that’s soft and gentle to the touch

Laundry washed in Lenor fabric conditioners doesn’t just smell nice; it feels nice, too. You’ll love the softness and the how your fabrics feel against your skin.

Scents that make moments more memorable

Lenor fabric conditioners infuse your laundry with scents that help make moments that matter more memorable. Smells are known to evoke the strongest of memories, relive special moments with the scents of Lenor.

Sophisticated, modern scents

Lenor’s fabric conditioners feature scents made for every mood and occasion. From classic comfort to sensual and seductive, Lenor fabric conditioners offer long lasting, irresistible freshness.

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