Aqua Computer Aquaero 6 Pro Black

Aqua Computer Aquaero 6 Pro Black

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222,70 / vnt.
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Papildoma informacija Dydis: 1x 5.25 colio. Matmenys: 148 x 43 x 59 mm. Jungtis: USB 2.0. 4-pin PWM-ventiliatorius (PWM gali būti išjungtas, iki 20 ventiliatorių, 30 W / kanalas). 1x srautas. sensorio įėjimas 1x universalus infraraudonųjų spindulių prievadas. 12 kanalų kanalo ventiliatorius išplečiamas (papildomai)
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Professional control unit for air- and water-cooled systems with display, remote control and maximum functionality Calling the Aquaero a fan control is formally correct, but misses the core as well as the declaration of a Ferrari as a car. Worlds separates such an automotive artwork from a VW Golf, where in addition to the emotionality of the performance come from another world. Although the Aquaero belongs to the circle of slippery dials, it functionally plays several classes above it. 

Since the manufacturer Aqua Computer is a specialist in the field of water cooling, the control was not limited exclusively to the field of air cooling. Rather, it is a highly intelligent hybrid controller, which is equally suitable for air- and water-cooled systems. Aqua Computer also clarifies this double orientation in the name: Aquaero is made up of aqua (water) and aero (air). 

The Aquaero is also a product that has matured over many years and has been permanently functionally expanded. With the version 6, the controller now reaches a development level that makes the Aquaero without exaggeration to the best fan and water control ever. The range of functions is simply incredible and will satisfy even the most meticulous control freaks completely. 

The Aquaero 6 is available in two different configuration levels, which are not functionally different. The differentiation is rather based on the controls. This is the Aquaero 6 Pro. In contrast to the XT output, it lacks four control buttons on the display and the remote control, which is available as an accessory. 

The core of the functionality - the fan and water cooling control - has been significantly drilled compared to the Aquaero 5. The maximum current for each of the 4 power amplifiers is now 2.5A (30W at 12V) air cooled and up to 3A with optional water cooling. Short higher peak currents are also possible. The power amps are absolutely short-circuit proof and turn off the output in less than 1 / 100000s to protect the hardware. Of course, there is also an integrated temperature monitoring and integrated current and voltage measurement. 

Of particular note here is the design low voltage drop of only 0.5-0.8V between the power supply voltage and the output. This makes it possible, for example, to connect 20 Airstream fans to each outlet and control them with any desired voltage. If you do not have 80 fans at hand, then you can also connect a D5 pump to each output, or just 40 fans and two D5 pumps. There is so little heat that the Aquaero does not need a heat sink. 

Brachial performance alone is not everything. At the Aquaero 6, all connections are made with PWM fans. These can also be switched off completely in addition to the PWM control. The Aquaero 6 can now cope with all types of fans. 

Of course, Version 6 also includes software for accurate measurement and adjustment of the cooling systems. Especially for water cooling is very interesting to control the connected fan on the radiator depending on the measured water temperature. Even complex curves to increase the speed can be programmed with increasing water temperature. Various profiles for various applications, such as overclocking, gaming, office or video. 

The internal memory of the Aquaero 6 has also been extended. Compared to the Aquaero 5, it has been increased by a factor of 4 and now offers significantly more reserves for log data and future extensions in the firmware. To further increase reliability and protect the device from errors, many input circuits have been redesigned. In addition, a modern voltage monitoring system was installed, which disconnects the device from the power supply when the permissible supply voltage is exceeded at 5V. Thus, a twisted plugged by mistake power plug does not destroy the Aquaero 6. 

This not only makes the Aquaero control extremely practical and takes care of a permanent fine adjustment, but at the same time it is a lot of fun when fiddling and extending the control bandwidth. 

Technical details:
  • Size: 1x 5.25 inches
  • Dimensions: 148 x 43 x 59 mm (W x H x D)
  • Material: brushed stainless steel front
  • silver
  • Display: 256 x 64 (b / w) 
    Repeat Frequency: 20 FPS
  • Operation: Software (Aquasuite) and on the device 
    Keys: 3
  • Connections: 
    USB 2.0 
    4x 4-pin PWM fan (PWM can be switched off, up to 20 fans, 30 watts per channel) 
    1x Flow 
    sensor input 1x universal infrared receiver 
    12x fan channels expandable (optional) 
    8x temperature sensors 
    1x 4- pin Molex (power supply)
  • Max. Fan current: 2.5 A each 
    Max. Fan power: dynamic 
    Control range: 0 - 12 V (in 0.01% increments)
  • Aquabus: low and high speed
  • Compatibility: Windows (32/64 bit, all versions)

  • Scope of delivery: aquaero 6 Pro Controller 
    4x temperature sensors, length approx. 70 cm 
    internal USB connection cable, length approx. 100 cm 
    connection cable for speedometer or aquabus 
    instructions Mounting 
    material for installation in a free drive slot
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