Blaupunkt FPS601

Blaupunkt FPS601

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28,49 / vnt.
28,49 / vnt.
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Prekės informacija

Gaminio savybės

Prekės tipas Smulkintuvai
Prekės ženklas Blaupunkt
Modelis FPS601
Tūris 1.2 l
Korpuso medžiaga Plastikas
Nerūdijančiojo plieno peilis Taip
Galia 100 W
Peiliukų skaičius 4
Galima plauti indaplovėje Taip
Maitinimo šaltinis Elektros tinklas
Garantija 24 mėn
Papildoma informacija Nuimamas detales galima plauti indaplovėje. Matmenys: 238 x 380 x 138 mm. Svoris: 1.95 kg.
Blaupunkt FPS601
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Electric spiral slicer FPS601 brand Blaupunkt is a device designed for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, and their diet is rich in fruits and vegetables. Device in a simple and fast way helps you prepare sophisticated shapes with Zucchini, carrots or apples, diversifying the daily menu or domestic adoption. The device is also a great option for parents whose children have little appetite, for example. of pepper in attractive Ribbon.

Comfortable handle
Spiral slicer Blaupunkt brand is very simple to use, the action changes to vegetables in neat Ribbon takes place very quickly. Simply select the correct blade, turn on the device and insert the selected product by a wide aperture (6 cm), that after a while get finely cut into shapes.

Cones forming
Included with the spiral slicer FPS601, there are four special forming blades: two cones to prepare fine or thick spaghetti for example. with Zucchini or pumpkin, which converts a cone for example. carrots in the Ribbon and the Ribbon forming blade notched perfectly decorates each dish or will be a great addition to the delicious and nutritious salads. With the supplied tungsten can be prepared also for example. potatoes au gratin or adored by all the twisted French fries. Such application of food is an excellent decoration of the table and will certainly appeal to the household and visitors. FPS601 cope well with cutting of pears and apples, which will be used later to prepare apple pie or tarts. Ways to use fruit and vegetables cut into fancy shapes, there is so much that is not the way they count, and the only limitation at work with spiral slicer is imagination.

Excellent ergonomics
Power at the level of 100W will ensure high efficiency in cutting vegetables and fruits, and the capacity of the container for sliced products of 1.2 liters will make it possible to prepare a large number of products at one time. All plastic elements are made of the highest quality materials and are free of harmful bisphenol A (BPA-free). In addition, all detachable parts can be washed in the dishwasher, so that the effort of the user inserted in the cleaning and maintenance of the device is kept to a minimum.

Transparent container for products and a stylish steel case make the spirilizer look very modern and will be a perfect, functional complement to any modern kitchen.

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