Clean Air Optima Dehumidifier & Air Purifier CA-704

Clean Air Optima Dehumidifier & Air Purifier CA-704

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329,00 / vnt.
329,00 / vnt.
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Prekės tipas Oro sausintuvai
Prekės ženklas Clean Air Optima
Svoris 14.4 kg
Vandens bakelio talpa
Jeigu įrenginį planuojate naudoti itin drėgnoje patalpoje, rekomenduojame rinktis modelius su 1,5 – 10,5 litrų vandens talpa.
4 l
Šis parametras nurodo kiek energijos suvartoja įrenginys – kuo galingesnis sausintuvas, tuo daugiau elektros bus suvartota. Galia svyruoja nuo 220 iki 1230 W. Galingumo pasirinkimas priklauso tiek nuo patalpos ploto, tiek nuo drėgmės lygio.
370 W
Drėgmės surinkimo našumas, l/24h
Šis parametras nurodo oro sausintuvo našumą – kiek litrų surenkama per 24 val. Asortimente rasite modelių, kurie galės surinkti nuo 8 iki 100 litrų drėgmės.
Oro srautas
Šis parametras nurodo kiek sausintuvas gali apdoroti oro per valandą – sausintuvų veikimo principas numato oro, esančio patalpoje, apdorojimą per įrenginį, kur kondensatas yra užlaikomas, o sausas oras patenka atgal į patalpą. Kuo didesnis oro srautas, tuo daugiau oro nusausinama. Šis parametras svyruoja nuo 80 iki 1000 m³/h.
7200 m³/h
Rekomenduojamas plotas
Šis rodiklis padės Jums išsirinkti tinkamiausią sausintuvo modelį.
40 m²
Valdymas Elektroninis
Suteikia galimybę nustatyti veikimo trukmę arba tam tikrą drėgmės lygį, kurį pasiekus, įrenginys savaime išsijungs.
Vandens lygio indikatorius
Esamo drėgmės lygio – nustatomas drėgmės lygis patalpoje. Rekomenduojamas drėgmės lygis namuose yra 45 – 55%; Talpos užpildymo lygio – informacija apie vandens talpos užpildymo lygį; Laikmačio – nurodomas nustatytas darbo laikas; Nustatytas drėgmės lygio – nurodomas vartotojo nustatytas pageidaujamas drėgmės lygis; Ventiliatoriaus sukimosi greičio – nurodomas oro sausintuvo ventiliatoriaus apsisukimų greitis.
Garantija 24 mėn
Papildoma informacija Automatinis atšildymas
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

For an optimal indoor climate, air humidity is crucial. Research and advice of medical specialists indicates that for health and comfort, a relative indoor humidity of 40 to 60 percent is desirable.
If indoor air is too humid, our quality of life can be very negatively influenced by mould spores, allergens and problems with the respiratory tract.
The multifunctional Clean Air Optima CA-704 is an high-effective 2 in 1 system: dehumidifier and air purifier!

Optimal humidity is crucial for health and damages prevention
Using the multifunctional air dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima with its 2in1 system for air dehumidifying and purification prevents high humidity and corrosion, damaging by condensation as well as ice and mould formation. It prevents unwanted bacteria growth, reduces odours and effectively helps to dry existing and new buildings.
The strong Clean Air Optima compressor dehumidifier CA-704 fights rust and mould!
Besides protecting against mould spores, this multifunctional dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima liberates indoor air from annoying animal hair, pollen, dust, bacteria and odours with its integrated continuously and efficiently working air purifier with quadruple filter technology.

Patients suffering from allergies can finally breathe deeply again!
The slim shaping in an exclusive design and the neutral colouring of this compact dehumidifier fits into every interior.
With its integrated humidistat, the condensation dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima is perfectly suited for automatic air dehumidifying. It suffices to set the desired humidity and this efficient air dehumidifier takes care of the rest.

Dehumidifier CA-704: a four season system
The 2in1 system for air dehumidification and air purification of the CA-704 provides optimal indoor air climate all year long: if the set relative humidity has been reached, dehumidification stops, but air purification continues. The continuously working air purification of the multifunctional CA-704 by Clean Air Optima liberates indoor air from allergens, mould spores, annoying animal hair, pollen, dust, bacteria and unpleasant smells all year long.
The Clean Air Optima CA-704 realise healthy indoor air climate by advanced technology with multifunctional 2in1 system for air dehumidifying and air purifying.

Dehumidifying indoor air with condensation technology
The compact and powerful condensation dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima with the 2in1 system for air dehumidification and purification withdraws excess moisture in rooms up to 40m² / 100m³ / 430ft² with a capacity of 10 litres/day (30°C/80% RH - Relative Humidity) and actively prevents the formation of mould, corrosion, stains and mustiness. This protects the building structure and your health.
The condensation dehumidifier with compressor technology is the most frequently used dehumidifier on the market and the CA-704 can be used within a temperature range of +5 to +35°C.
This efficient dehumidifier is equipped with a compressor which conducts humid indoor air along a cooling element. Humid ambient air is quickly cooled down this way. Humidity in the air condensates because low temperatures mean less humidity in the air. Condensation is collected in a water tank or can be directly drained by connecting the included hose.

Four filter technologies for effective air purification
1. Pre-filter
The pre-filter catches big dust particles like dust bunnies, hair and pet dander.

2. Activated carbon filter
Activated carbon neutralises smoke, chemicals, gas and smells, prevents the development of bacteria, virus and mould.

3. UV lamp
The ultraviolet light of the lamp (UV-C radiation) with a wave length of 254nm eliminates health damaging microorganisms like germs, viruses, mould (mould spores) and bacteria. UV light possesses the highest frequency, the shortest wave length and hence contains the most energy which radiates through the outer membrane of the organisms and destroys its DNA. Thousands of such installed devices with their integrated UV technology in the entire world prove that UV radiation is highly effective against pathogenic viruses, bacteria and unicellular organisms. Using UV light leads to microbial deactivation rates of 99,99% or higher.
No replacement UV-C lamp necessary.

4. Ionizer
Capacity > 3.000.000 negative ions/cm³ that spread in the entire room and thereby neutralise harmful substances and smells. The ionizer produces negative ions for the purification of indoor air and its enrichment with active oxygen. Unpleasant smells are neutralised and harmful substances in the air are eliminated. Negative ions also have a strong antistatic effect.

Continuous air purification
If the set relative humidity is reached, the dehumidification stops but the purification stays active.

Integrated humidistat for automatic air dehumidification. Colour monitor to determine relative humidity.
The condensation dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima is equipped with an integrated humidistat to measure, control and set relative humidity. The desired humidity can be set between 35 and 80% RH (Relative Humidity). This dehumidifier is pre-programmed to attain the optimal humidity of 55% RH advised by medical specialists. When programming the minimum value of 35% RH, the device works continuously and stops automatically as soon as the water tank is filled.

The ingenious design communicates humidity via the round colour monitor on the front of the device.
  • RED = high relative humidity RH = 80%
  • GREEN = comfort range RH 80 / = 60%
  • ORANGE = dry air RH = 60%

Control panel
The clearly arranged digital control panel on the top side of the device has nine buttons to easily select the wanted settings. The diverse settings of the condensation dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima with its 2in1 system for air dehumidification and purification are the following:

Swing function of the oscillation flap
The condensation dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima transforms humid and unhealthy indoor air into clean and healthy air. The oscillation flap moves in an angle of 45 to 90° guarantees good air circulation and optimal spreading of purified air in your room. The flap can be fixed at 45° - 90°.

Big water tank
The device switches off automatically if the water tank is full and a LED signal appears on the display. The big water tank of the dehumidifier CA-704 has a
volume of 4 liters and is equipped with a handle.
After opening the revolving door on the back of the device the tank can be easily removed.

Continuous draining
The condensation, caught in the tank can be directly drained if the included hose is connected. This makes the dehumidifier CA-704 ideal for continuous usage without supervision.

Automatic defrost function and restart
The condensation dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima possesses an automatic defrosting function. As soon as the sensor signalises a temperature underneath the set values, defrosting starts and also stops automatically. The defrosting process liberates the vaporiser from ice by stopping the cooling process and switching on the fan. The ice can now melt
If the device is restarted the dehumidifier continues to work automatically and keeps the settings.
If power failure occurs the device restarts automatically and keeps the settings.

Energy saving condensation – air dehumidifier CA-704
Maximum power consumption 370Watt
Power consumption 370Watt if fan is operating rapidly
Power consumption 240Watt if fan is operating slowly

Dehumidification systems
Dehumidifiers can be separated into two categories, namely condensation or adsorption dehumidifiers.

Condenser dryers
The most common dehumidifiers are condensation dehumidifiers, also called compressor dehumidifiers. The Clean Air Optima® assortment possesses two types. These electric dehumidifiers are used to withdraw moisture from apartments, offices, public buildings, farms, warehouses, museums etc. etc. They are very useful over winter periods in living rooms and sleeping rooms, for summer in basements, ideal for drying laundry and usage in holiday flats, caravans or campers.
The big advantage of the condensation dehumidifiers with compressor is that they need 25 to 60% less energy than adsorption dehumidifiers. The costs for acquisition of the condensation dehumidifier can be easily amortized.

Mobile condensation - dehumidifier CA-704
The condensation dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima possesses a handle, robust wheels and can easily be moved from one room to the other.

Drying laundry
The dehumidifier CA-704 by Clean Air Optima with its 2in1 system for air dehumidification and purification supports laundry drying. The swing function moves the oscillation flap in an angle of 45 to 90° and creates good air circulation in the laundry room.
The working dehumidifier also emits some heat into the laundry room. This combination generates a laundry drying effect. In comparison to a tumble dryer, this is an energy saving and environmentally friendly method of laundry drying.
The prefilter catches big dust particles like textile fibres and dust bunnies in the laundry room. The activated carbon filter neutralises smells.
The negative ions produced by the ionizer during the drying process of the laundry additionally have an antistatic effect.

Characteristics and advantages
• Automatic dehumidification by build in humidistat
• Draining hose included (diameter 10 mm / 3 meter long) for continuous draining
• Prevents mould formation, rust and damages through humidity
• Eliminates mustiness
• Extraction rate 10 Liters/24 Hours (30°C/80% RH)
• Power Consumption (Watts): 370Watt if fan is operating rapidly / 240Watt if fan is operating slowly
• Can be used within a temperature range of +5 to +35°C.
• Four filtering technologies for air purification:
1. Prefilter catches big dust particles
2. Activated carbon filter neutralises smells and gas
3. UV lamp eliminates germs, viruses, mould and bacteria
4. Ionizer purifies and refreshes indoor air with > 3.000.000 neg. ions/cm³
• Oscillation flap with swing function 45°- 90° to foster good air circulation
• Supports laundry drying
• Elegant and compact design
• Comfortable usage with integrated humidistat
• LED function display
• Press-button on the display for operation
• Stops automatically with an LED signal if the water tank is full
• Timer to switch the device on and off (0-24h)
• 3 settings for the fan
• Sensor controls the defrosting function
• Automatic restart after defrosting
• Automatic restart if power failure occurs
• Ideal for continuous usage without supervision
• Easy to move thanks to the handle and robust wheels
• Practically no need for maintenance
• Easy cleaning: Pre-filter 2x a month
• Replace activated carbon filter after 3 months
• No replacement UV-C lamp necessary
• Very silent: whisper quiet operation
• Low energy consumption
• Optimal price-performance ratio

  • Triukšmo lygis (dB): 39
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