Garmin Zūmo 595LM Europe Travel Edition

Garmin Zūmo 595LM Europe Travel Edition

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534,00 / vnt.
534,00 / vnt.
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Gaminio savybės

Prekės tipas GPS navigacijos
Prekės ženklas Garmin
Modelis Zūmo 595LM Europe Travel Edition
Svoris 0.374 kg
Regionas arba teritorijos dalis, įdiegta į GPS įrenginį.
Centrinė Europa, Pietų Europa, Rytų Europa, Vakarų Europa, Šiaurės Europa
Žemėlapių atnaujinimas
Nurodo, ar yra galimybė atkurti ar atnaujinti GPS žemėlapį be papildomų mokesčių. Taip pat pateikiamas laikotarpis.
Neribotas žemėlapių atnaujinimas visą įrenginio veikimo laikotarpį
Ekrano įstrižainė 5 "
Ekrano raiška taškais
Ekrano skiriamoji geba nurodo kiek kokybiškai bus atvaizduojamas tekstas ir vaizdai. Kuo didesnis skaičius, tuo kokybiškesnis vaizdas.
800 x 480
Palaikomos atminties kortelės
Galimybė praplėsti GPS įrenginio atmintį atminties kortelės pagalba.
Palaikomos kalbos
Nurodo kalbas, įdiegtas į GPS įrenginį. Nurodomomis kalbomis pateikiama vartotojo sąsaja ir balso komandos.
Valdymas balsu
Определяет, есть ли в GPS встроенный динамик, который с помощью звука (голоса) указывает направление, в котором следует путешествовать.
Bluetooth sąsaja
Suteikia galimybę prie GPS navigacijos prijungti papildomus įrenginius, pavyzdžiui, mobilųjį telefoną.
Garantija 24 mėn
Papildoma informacija Apsauga nuo vandens IPX7. Maršruto planavimas. Baterijos veikimo laikas: iki 7 h. Skambučiai Hands-free.

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Garmin Zūmo 595LM Europe Travel Edition
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Premium Motorcycle GPS for New Adventures in Riding
  • Glove-friendly, sunlight-readable 5-inch dual-orientation touchscreen with rugged design for harsh weather (IPX7)
  • Detailed European maps with free lifetime5 map updates. Free additional lifetime download of North America, South America, South Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Australia and New Zealand
  • Click here to see the map coverage
  • Garmin Adventurous Routing™ finds curvy or hilly roads; limits major highways
  • Rider alerts for sharp curves, railway crossings, safety cameras and more
  • Hands-free calling and smartphone notifications2 right on your zūmo screen
  • Control music from MP3 player or smartphone and stream Spotify® music services3
  • Red light and speed camera warnings* with free lifetime updates.

Built for Adventure, Born to Ride
Featuring Garmin Adventurous Routing™ options for those twisty, hilly, terrain-hugging rides you love, zūmo 595LM is the motorcycle navigator “built to thrill.” Its large, glove-friendly 5.0-inch high-res touchscreen can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. Transflective screen technology reduces glare and makes the display easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

The Benefits of Bluetooth®
Sync your zūmo with a compatible smartphone2 and a Bluetooth®-enabled headset or helmet (sold separately). Safely stow your phone in a pocket or pannier, and still have the benefit of hands-free calling without diverting your attention from the road. You can also receive customisable smart notifications3 for calls, texts, app alerts and more that appear right on your navigation display.

Ride Smarter with Your Smartphone
What’s happening on the road ahead? zūmo 595LM can connect you to live weather radar and traffic information via the wireless Smartphone Link7 app. This app also enables LiveTrack, a nifty feature that lets friends track your whereabouts whenever you’re out on a ride.

Enjoy Some Travelling Music
Want to take your own soundtrack along for the ride? Your zūmo also lets you control music and media from a compatible MP3 player or smartphone2, right on your touchscreen display — and you can even stream the playlists you love from the popular Spotify music service3.

Keep a Sharper Lookout with Rider Alerts
To enhance road awareness and encourage a safer ride, zūmo 595LM provides helpful alerts for sharp curves ahead, speed changes, railway and animal crossings, school zones and more. Additionally, you’re notified when you’re about to drive the wrong way on a one-way street. You also receive alerts for nearby red light and speed cameras1. Plus, for longer rides, a fatigue warning3 will even suggest break times and potential rest areas worth considering after hours on the road. The zūmo Up Ahead feature lets you easily see places of interest and milestones along your route, without leaving the map view on your navigation display. Plus, Easy Route Shaping lets you add a point on the map to adjust your route, so you can ride through preferred areas or follow specific roads.

No More Running on Empty
A built-in trip computer with digital fuel gauge comes standard with your zūmo 595LM. So it’s easy to estimate how many miles you can ride before you’ll be running on empty. Dynamic fuel stop alerts actually prompt you when it’s time to refuel and even provide petrol station location options. A helpful speed limit indicator lets you know when it’s time to throttle down. Plus, a digital compass display and a database of motorcycle-specific points of interest (POIs) are on hand to help you locate repair services, dealers and more. There’s also a Service History Log on your zūmo to help you keep track of service dates, mileage and performed maintenance on your bike.

Guidance Using Recognisable Landmarks
Garmin Real Directions™ on the zūmo 595LM virtually redefine the concept of “spoken turn-by-turn directions.” In addition to speaking street names, your zūmo offers guidance using recognisable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights (e.g., “Turn right after the red building”). And thanks to Foursquare® data, zūmo is preloaded with millions of more new and popular places to explore.

Lifetime Map Updates
zūmo 595LM includes free map updates5 for the useful life of your device, so routes reflect the most up-to-date points of interest and maps available.

Navigation Tools
photoReal Junction View displays realistic views of junctions and interchanges on your route to ease navigation through complex interchanges. A brightly coloured arrow on the zūmo display, along with helpful voice prompts, will indicate the proper lane position needed for your next turn or exit. zūmo 595 displays 3D Terrain and elevation information. There’s also a TracBack® feature on zūmo that allows you to navigate the same route, in reverse, for your return trip.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring
For added protection on the road, zūmo 595LM is compatible with the Garmin Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor6 (TPMS, sold separately). One TPMS is required for each tyre and will work with metal valve stems only. TPMS uses wireless technology to transmit the tyre pressure data, letting you view it in real time right on your zūmo display.

VIRB® Camera Compatibility
To record the highlights of your ride, zūmo 595LM is compatible with the Garmin VIRB series of HD action cameras (sold separately). Remotely control VIRB – start and stop recording – all from from your zūmo display. It’s easy and fun to record and relive every adventure.

Updates and Extras
Use Garmin Express™ to keep your zūmo 595LM up to date. Garmin Express makes it easy to update maps and software, transfer favorites to and from devices and install free custom vehicles and voices. Plus, for added versatility, your zūmo 595LM also comes with an automotive mount and power cable — in addition to its motorcycle mount — so you can use it on the vehicles you drive, as well as on the ones you ride.

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