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Silk'n VitalSteam VS1PEU001

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Prekės informacija

Gaminio savybės

Prekės tipas Veido saunos
Prekės ženklas Silk'n
Galia 320 W
Garantija 24 mėn
Vandens talpa 0.18 ml
Papildoma informacija Reguliuojamas garas. Aromaterapija. Matmenys: 220 x 220 x 120 mm.
Komplekte Sejas sauna
Silk'n VitalSteam VS1PEU001
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Use the Silk’n VitalSteam facial sauna to perfectly prepare your skin for a deep cleansing treatment. Unlike other devices, it can release both hot and cold steam, which benefits the skin. And in combination with aromatherapy, the steam can help you relax even more. Use hot steam to open up pores, which cleanses and hydrates your skin. Use cold steam to reduce large pores, strengthen the skin and make it smoother and full of vitality. Also ideal for freeing up the airways for those suffering from colds or hay fever. Discover the many benefits of steam for your skin and health!

  • Facial sauna with hot and cold steam
  • Ultra-fine steam penetrates the skin by hydrating and improving the elasticity
  • Hot steam opens up the pores, removes sebum and dirt and stimulates blood circulation
  • Cold steam reduces large pores, strengthens the skin and makes it smoother and full of vitality
  • Improves the effects of skincare products
  • Suitable for aromatherapy with essential oils
  • Can also be used as a humidifier to help you breathe better, for a good night’s sleep, and to relieve swollen eyes
  • Adjustable spout
  • Compact design makes it easy to store

If you have ever had a facial treatment in a spa or beauty salon, you will already know that it often starts with a facial steam treatment. This is because steam forms a targeted foundation for further treatment. The pores are opened up, which helps to remove impurities. In addition, your skin is hydrated and immediately gives off a healthy glow. With Silk’n VitalSteam, you can now carry out this beauty ritual yourself. Along with hot steam, this facial sauna can also produce cold steam, designed to further improve your skin.

Air pollution, make-up residues and everyday dirt particles can all clog up the pores of our skin. The skin is impure, looks dull and is susceptible to outbreaks of pimples and acne. By deep cleansing the skin, you ensure that waste products, sebum and dirt leave the body, allowing your skin to breathe again.
The hot steam produced by Silk’n VitalSteam is the ideal way of preparing your skin for a deep cleansing treatment. The ultra-fine steam that quickly reaches the correct temperature, moisturises your face and opens up the pores, helping you to remove impurities. At the same time the skin is hydrated and blood circulation is stimulated, improving the elasticity of the skin. By applying a face mask, serum, day or night cream right away, you can help optimise the absorption of these products, allowing them to deliver an improved result.

Cold steam has an equally beneficial effect on the skin compared with hot steam. The ultra-fine steam produced by Silk’n VitalSteam reduces the pores. It is the perfect way of closing up pores after using the hot steam. This strengthens the skin, and the invigorating sensation ensures that your skin looks smoother and full of vitality. You can, of course, enjoy the cold steam without having used the hot steam first.
Tip: the cold steam can also be used to moisturise your skin and has a purifying effect. This is an easy way of increasing the humidity in your bedroom, making the indoor climate healthier and helping you get off to sleep.

Silk’n VitalSteam is suitable for aromatherapy. By adding essential oils, flavourings or herbal tablets to the special compartment, you can use the enticing scents and healing effects to ensure you have time to relax. You can select from countless essential oils, each with their own advantages for your skin and health. For example, chamomile oil softens irritated skin, lavender oil helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep, and eucalyptus oil helps fend off colds. The essential oils can be purchased separately in health food shops and online stores.

Most facial saunas are quite large and feature a hood for the face. This makes it difficult to store the device, because it takes up a lot of room. For this reason, Silk’n placed special emphasis on considering the design of VitalSteam. The sleek design without a separate hood for the face ensures that the device can be easily stored after use. This makes it easy to store between books on your bookshelf, as it is barely thicker than the average novel. The adjustable spout that emits the steam is easy to set and can be adjusted upwards, downwards or towards the middle.

Wrap your hair in a towel, place your Silk’n VitalSteam on a table and get your face close to the adjustable spout. First, start with the hot steam to open up the pores. You will immediately feel the relaxing sensation of the ultra-fine steam reaching your skin. Stay like this for a couple of minutes and you will be able to remove sebum and dirt easily with a cotton pad. You will feel a glowing sensation afterwards, because the hot steam stimulates your blood circulation.
Want an extra relaxed moment? Add your favourite essential oil or herbs with an aromatic scent to balance and harmonize your senses. Next you can choose to apply a serum, mask, lotion or cream to nourish your skin profoundly. Wait till your skin care product has been totally absorbed by your skin. Then switch on the cold steam function for one minute to close the pores. VitalSteam will immediately produce the ultra-fine cold steam which will give you a refreshed feeling. Grab your mirror to see the result: your skin will be deeply purified, hydrated and revitalized. Create your spa moment at home!
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