Spokey Livia 924383

Spokey Livia 924383

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400,00 / vnt.
400,00 / vnt.
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Prekės tipas Bėgimo takeliai
Prekės ženklas Spokey
Svoris 30 kg
Didžiausias naudotojo/-ų kūno svoris 130 kg
Garantija 24 mėn
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Create your home gym with us. The equipment offered by Spokey will help you stay fit, sculpt your figure and develop healthy habits.

"Heavy" fitness?
The so-called. "Heavy" fitness equipment, which includes stationary bikes, elliptical trainers (commonly known as elliptical cross trainers), treadmills and exercise benches, is a base that helps build form, endurance and a beautiful figure.

Before starting training, it is worth setting a realistic goal appropriate to your current form, age and state of health. Remember! To achieve your dream results, exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. If you feel unwell at any time during training - stop it.

Exercise effects on the treadmill
Home treadmills are a group of equipment that perfectly suits people who want to improve their condition and strengthen the whole body, especially the lower muscles. During training, first of all, the muscles of the calves, thighs and buttocks are engaged, the defective ring works, and the back muscles influence the maintenance of correct posture.
Exercises on a treadmill for running are recommended for people who want to stay fit throughout the year. Properly selected training not only strengthens the muscle parts, sculpts the figure, but also helps maintain health and good condition.
By adjusting the speed and inclination angle of the running belt, the user selects parameters to suit his abilities.

The Spokey Livia treadmill is designed for users looking for equipment with optimally selected technical parameters and a classic, elegant appearance.

We set high standards for our equipment, which is why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials for its production.

Spokey fitness equipment is covered by a warranty on the frame and mechanical parts, excluding components subject to normal wear.

Built-in transport rollers make it easy to move the equipment - thanks to it you can easily move the treadmill to the desired place.

When the treadmill is not in use, it can be easily folded, making it take up much less space.

The non-slip tread belt structure increases the safety and comfort of treadmill use.

Systems used
Quality and Support - high durability and selection of materials used means that the equipment will last for years.
Vibration damping system - suppresses the vibration of the plate during running, which allows greater comfort of use and reduction of loads on the joints.
Allows an easy and intuitive way to control the device. Simple computer operation will ensure ease of use.

The Livia treadmill is equipped with a computer whose functions allow you to choose the training parameters optimally suited to your needs.

The preloaded programs include proposals for people who are just building shape or treat a running track as a way to stay fit, as well as those who aim for the best results.

The large, easy-to-read 3.5' blue backlit display enables constant monitoring of your results.

Home treadmill - for exercising at home.

Running on a treadmill brings versatile benefits: it improves the efficiency of the respiratory system, improves endurance, strengthens the body and improves its appearance.

Muscles exercised
  • Biceps and quadriceps muscles of the thigh
  • Calf muscles
  • Buttocks
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