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Pirelli Cinturato Winter 195 45 R16 84H XL


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Код товара: 2016-003113 Гарантия:  24 месяцев
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Товар недоступен
Pirelli Pirelli Cinturato Winter 195 45 R16 84H XL Pirelli Cinturato Winter
Описание товара на английском языке:

The highest level of winter technology for the new touring segment to achieve maximum safety and control in all winter conditions. For city-compact cars, medium cars and urban SUV.

The tyre that talks to you
When the W of NOW disappears from the pattern, Pirelli recommends that you change the tyre in order to maintain outstanding performance on snow

New profile and materials
Improved dry handling and dry braking safety thanks to the square footprint area and regular pressure distribution that maximize dry grip

Multiactive 4D sipes
Improved dry/wet braking safety thanks to block stiffness, great flexibility in traction for additional snow retention

Winter gear design
Excellent mobility on snow even in the most severe conditions due to a high level of mechanical traction on all surfaces.

Water Escape acceleration
Reduction of aquaplaning risk and increased wet safety thanks to better water and slush expulsion.

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