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Brita Waterbar WD 3020


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Код товара: WD 3020 LED Гарантия:  24 месяцев

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  • Тип: С отдельным краном для воды
  • Ресурс (л): 1000
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Ежемесячный платёж : 24.66
BRITA Brita Waterbar WD 3020 Brita Waterbar WD 3020
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Timeless design and convenience

Enjoy fresh BRITA filtered water at your fingertips, fast, convenient and easy, straight from the BRITA Dispenser.
The BRITA Dispenser has two levers: one for unfiltered water, with which you can additionally control the temperature and flow rate of the dispenser, and one lever featuring the BRITA logo, through which you can get only BRITA filtered water. The second lever is located under the neck of this model.

The multi-stage water filtration constantly reduces limescale, substances that can impair taste and odour, such as chlorine and metals such as lead and copper that may occur in a domestic setting.

P 1000 cartridge last up to 1200 L / 6 months of filtration depending on local water hardness (included in the Water Filter Kit)

Simple and space-saving installation of the replacement cartridge. Fits easily under the sink with a practical wall mounting bracket.

Water Filter Kit with all the components required for installation.

Simple installation — trouble-free assembly:
The Water Filter Kit contains all the elements required for assembly and a practical wall mounting bracket for the system's filter head. As the BRITA under-counter filter works as a pressurised filtration system, it can be installed in any position, either horizontally or vertically. The cartridge fits perfectly into the space available under the sink. An additional 3/8 inch connection is required to install the BRITA Dispenser, which can be created with the T-connector included in the Water Filter Kit.

NEW: The BRITA Dispenser includes now Cartridge Status Indicator with a new Traffic Light System that shows cartridge status based on your individual usage. Each time filtered water is dispensed Cartridge Status Indicator will light up either green, yellow or red.

Green light: The BRITA Dispenser filter is working
Yellow light: 90% of the filter capacity has been used.
Remember to buy a new replacement filter catridge
Red light: The filter cartridge need to be replaced

Effortless cartridge replacement:
The filter cartridge can be easily replaced at the end of its maximum service life. The water filter can be depressurised through the integrated flush valve before the used cartridge is removed from the filter head. Then insert the new cartridge and activate the water filter in the same way as with the initial installation, and enjoy many more weeks of BRITA filtered water. Used filter cartridges can be recycled.
WD 3020 LED 258.67
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