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Levenhuk Ra FDS-40 Red Dot Finder


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Levenhuk Levenhuk Ra FDS-40 Red Dot Finder Levenhuk Ra FDS-40 Red Dot Finder
Описание на английском языке:

Levenhuk Ra FDS-40 is a red dot finder, which allows you to find the desired object on the celestial sphere and easily center it in the field of view of your optical tube. Apart from celestial observations at night, the red dot LED with variable brightness may be used for daytime terrestrial observations.

This red dot finder has four different target patterns: you can choose between a large and a small red dot, a crosshair and a circle with a crosshair.

Levenhuk Ra FDS-40 will serve you for many years to come, as it is made of durable and reliable metal.

This red dot finder may be attached to a binocular telescope or small-aperture telescopes through a dovetail mount. The main locking thumbscrew has a grooved head, which allows you to attach the finder even when wearing gloves. The durable mounting bracket is made of lightweight aluminum. Locking thumbscrews are included in the kit.

Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.

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