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Cyber Power UPS OR600ELCDRM1U 360W Rack 1U


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Код товара: OR600ELCDRM1U Гарантия:  24 месяцев
269.00 €

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  • Тип: Line Interactive
  • Мощность (ВА): 600
  • Мощность (Вт): 360 Вт
  • Время автономной работы: 12 мин
  • Время зарядки: 8 часов
  • Дисплей: Да
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Cyber Power Cyber Power UPS OR600ELCDRM1U 360W Rack 1U Cyber Power UPS OR600ELCDRM1U 360W Rack 1U
Описание товара на английском языке:

CyberPower OR600ELCDRM1U Line-Interactive UPS offers simulated Sine Wave output power for office system devices including PCs, workstations, networking devices, and peripherals. It’s typically integrated in the back office, server room, and data center environment to ensure a reliable backup power supply during power failures. In addition, the rackmount / tower convertible design gives it enhanced flexibility for installation and operation in almost any environment.
The UPS has a large multifunction LCD display offers real-time information, including input and output voltage levels, load and battery levels, battery runtime, overload warning, and a silent mode. With the network ports on the UPS, it prevents network devices from being subjected to sudden power surges caused by lightning, thereby avoiding potential system damage. As for battery maintenance, the UPS allows battery hot-swapping, which enables users to perform normal battery maintenance without significant interruption.

  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Simulated Sine Wave Output
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Overload Protection
  • Hot-swappable Battery Packs
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Phone/ Fax/ Modem/ DSL/ Network Protection
  • LCD Status Display
  • USB Connectivity Port
  • Serial Connectivity Port
  • PowerPanel® Management Software
  • SNMP/ HTTP Remote Management Capability
  • Rack Mount Form Factor
OR600ELCDRM1U 269.00
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