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Eaton 5PX 1500i 2U Rack/Tower


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  • Тип: Line Interactive
  • Мощность (ВА): 1500
  • Мощность (Вт): 1350 Вт
  • Время зарядки: 8 часов
  • Дисплей: Да
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EATON Eaton 5PX 1500i 2U Rack/Tower Eaton 5PX
Описание товара на английском языке:

The Eaton 5PX UPS is an integrated power management solution. Paired seamlessly with Intelligent Power Software Suite, the 5PX provides the tools you need to manage your equipment, even in virtualized environments. Designed with managed outlet segments, you can monitor energy consumption on the intuitive LCD screen. It also delivers more power than comparable UPSs and has an efficiency rating of up to 99%. The Eaton 5PX provides enterprise grade power protection and is ideal for applications in distributed environments for network (IDF/MDF), server, storage and VoiP equipment.

The Eaton 5PX provides industry leading efficiency of up to 99 percent.

Energy metering
The 5PX meters energy consumption right down to the outlet segments. No other UPS in the industry offers this capability.

UPS management
By integrating Eaton's free Intelligent Power Software Suite, you can monitor and manage the power devices on your network.

LCD display
Eaton's next generation LCD offers a graphical interface which provides all critical UPS information in a single screen view. The user friendly menu allows you to view information and control settings at the push of a button.

More power
The 5PX protects more devices by providing 28 percent more wattage compared to traditional UPSs.

Battery life
Eaton's exclusive ABM technology increases battery service life by 50 percent. ABM uses an advanced, three-stage charging technique and closely monitors battery health to provide advanced notice when batteries need replacement.
5PX1500IRT 857.00
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