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Reflecta Vesta 120RA 23171


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REFLECTA Reflecta Vesta 120RA 23171 Reflecta Vesta 120RA 23171
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Reflecta presents two new wall mounts,
Vesta 65/120RA, for data projectors


Perfect for the use with digital interactive whiteboards


  • maximum load up to 10 kg
  • adjustable length of 475-655 mm or 800-1200 mm
  • HDMI cable management
  • angle of inclination is 15 degrees
  • universal projector adapter for virtually any common data projector
  • adjustable distance of projector to whiteboard
  • stable design for secure fixing of data projector


Rottenburg near Stuttgart, 11. November 2013 Meanwhile, digital interactive whiteboards (IWB) have become commonplace at schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. It is therefore not surprising that the selling of this most efficient presentation aid for class and conference rooms represents a profitable and continuously growing market.

This is why reflecta, the specialist for presentation technology from Rottenburg near Stuttgart in the south of Germany, expands its large selection of mounting systems by two new wall mounts for digital interactive whiteboards. The two new wall mounts reflecta Vesta 65 and reflecta Vesta 120 RA were especially designed for the use with and mounting of data projectors at a very short distance to the whiteboard. The stable design provides for a secure fixing of the data projectors which will mostly be used together with IWBs. The mount allows for an exact adjustment of the distance between projector and IWB. The universal projector adapter will fit virtually any common data projector. The two new wall mounts, reflecta Vesta 65 and reflecta Vesta 120 RA, are available in two different sizes (65 cm and 120 cm) where the length of the mount can be adjusted to the individual needs: 475-655 mm or 800-1200 mm. The angle of inclination is approx. 15 degrees. Both new wall mounts can hold data projectors with a maximum weight of 10 kg. The solid design also offers cable management for an HDMI cable.

The two new wall mounts reflecta Vesta 65 and reflecta Vesta 120 RA are now available in specialist shops.



Technical Specifications of reflecta Vesta 65/120 RA:


  • Length: 655mm /1200mm
  • Adjustable Length: 475 - 655mm / 800 - 1200mm
  • Max.weight projector: 10 kg
  • Tiltable: 15°
  • Weight (without projector): around 2,0 kg / 2,5 kg


Quality and innovation in photography - this has been the hallmark of reflecta from Rottenburg near Stuttgart for more than 35 years. The history of the company started with the production of projection lamps and photo accessories in 1967 - today, reflecta offers customised solutions for presenting and processing photos for almost any purpose. To make the best out of photos, reflecta sets the highest demands in quality.

Time and again, the innovative products of reflecta have shown that the good can still be made better. reflecta is committed to tradition which is the reason why they do not twiddle their thumbs, not even in the age of digital photography and image processing. At reflecta, you will find novelties for all aspects of photography. Quality and innovation - to make only the best of your photos.

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