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Sir Safety System Jump S1P SRC Black 40


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Код товара: 2200840_SIR Гарантия:  24 месяцев

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  • Тип: Ботинки
  • Размер: 40
  • Материал верха: Ткань
  • Материал подошвы: ТПУ
  • Подносок: Композит
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"GF Lizingas" калькулятор:

Ежемесячный платёж : 5.98
Sir Safety System Sir Safety System Jump S1P SRC Black 40 Sir Safety System Jump S1P SRC
Описание товара на английском языке:

Low shoe with 200 joule composite toecap and Zero Penetration composite midsole. Highly breathable Mesh fabric upper, reflex inserts and eco-friendly leather overcap. Metal Free.
REACTOR sole: Polyurethane/TPU sole. The open-cell polyurethane (PU) insole allows for a high shape memory effect and provides a cushioning effect. The TPU outsole provides flexibility, softness, as well as mechanical and chemical resistance. Especially after prolonged use, it enhances forefoot flexibility for a more natural motion, reducing fatigue. Anti-slip SRC standard.
DUAL FRESH Insoles in bi-component fabric with variable thickness and shock-absorbing properties. They are made from special foams and particularly contact friendly fabrics which prevent perspiration.
DRY-PLUS polyester lining offering superb absorbing properties prevents feet overheating.

Main features:
  • Conforming the German standard BGR 191, suitable for use of orthopaedic insoles.
  • Curved sole to facilitate grip and walking
  • Innovative design
  • Total support of the outsole on the ground
  • Open angles to help releasing the impurities
  • Outsole with high memory performance
  • Outsole in TPU, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons
  • Grooves with open angles to discharge any accumulation
  • Horizontal grooves to improve flexibility and movements
  • Outsole in high mechanical resistance and long-lasting TPU
  • Grooves pattern for better draining of liquids
  • Anti-slip SRC standard

The product is designed and manufactured to comply with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC, and to conform to the requirements of European standards EN ISO 20345. It is classified as PPE Cat. II.
2200840_SIR 62.81
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