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Gardena 18319 Comfort Bed Sprayer


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Код товара: 967632701 Гарантия:  24 месяцев
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Gardena Gardena 18319 Comfort Bed Sprayer Gardena 18319 Comfort Bed Sprayer
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The Comfort Bed Sprayer is particularly suitable for watering beds and larger planted areas in the garden, as the soft spray can be adapted to the plant bed size. The ergonomic handle with soft plastic elements ensures maximum comfort during use. The water flow can be continuously regulated. For permanent watering, the pulse trigger can also be locked to prevent your hand from getting tired. Thanks to the innovative drip guard, you no longer get wet feet, as continued dripping after use is prevented. With integrated Frost Protection technology.

Comfortable handling - good grip and ergonomic trigger button

The Comfort Bed Sprayer features a particularly good grip due to soft plastic elements. The ergonomic trigger button with integrated lock, as well as the continuous, single-finger regulation of the water quantity make handling particularly pleasant.

Different spray modes - thanks to the innovative regulation

Thanks to the innovative regulation of the spraying angle, the soft spray can be adjusted in width and adapted to the plant bed size. It is possible to water with a focussed or fanned soft spray.

Particular advantage

The innovative drip guard prevents the device from dripping after use. This is why you will no longer get wet feet.

Easy cleaning - thanks to the nozzles made of soft plastic

The nozzles made of soft plastic can easily be freed of deposits such as limescale by wiping them. An integral dirt filter prevents coarse dirt getting into the Spray Gun. The filter can easily be removed for cleaning.

Frost protection
Equipped with an innovative and integrated technology to protect against frost.
967632701 22.22
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