Noblechairs EPIC Real Leather Black/White/Red

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Тип продукта Стулья
Бренд Noblechairs
Коллекция Epic
Материал рамы стула Сплав металлов
Материал сиденья Натуральная кожа
Цвет Белый, Красный, Черный
Вес 27 кг


Ширина 560 мм
Высота 495 - 595 мм

Возможгость регулировки

Регулировка стула Положения раскачивания, Регулируемое положение спинки


Максимальный вес тела пользователя/-ей 120 кг
Гарантия 24 месяц
Дополнительная информация 2 подушки в комплекте (подушка шеи, поясничная подушка)
Noblechairs EPIC Series
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

The noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather in black/white/red is a luxury executive swivel chair sheathed in real leather. Its real black leather immaculately shines while being attractively framed by white leather strips on its sides. Its state-of-the-art design, precise manufacturing and stylish allure makes presenting the noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather in black/white/red a honor.

The entire chair shines and is detailed with white and blue accents. While the right side is accentuated by red leather embroidered with a golden nobelchairs logo. The entire contact area is covered with premium leather which is detailed with a diamond pattern stitching for ultimate aeration.

Distinguishing the distinct difference in the Black/White/Blue noblechairs is evident within its details like the contrastive white seams at its hems and on the backrest. And a subtly debossed crown logo adorning the headrest while an elliptical aluminium emblem with relief lettering rests on the backrest.

Not without reason, real leather is the most premium material chosen for furniture coverings. Nothing possesses more allure than genuine leather with its optically brilliant surface texture. Real leather is durable, easy to clean, UV-resistant, insensitive to moisture as well as aging and temperature resistant.

Support the neck area and lumbar region with two black pillows embroidered with the golden noblechairs logo.

The fundamental basis of noblechairs is a solid steel frame enveloped by dimensionally stable cold foam and ergonomically shaped upholstery. With a 55% high density, noblechairs is able to retain its shape after prolonged use as well as hold a higher body weight.

The 360-degree swivel chair rests on a matte-black, aluminium, wheel base that’s equipped with 5 casters (60mm) which are coated in polyurethane allowing them to glide on hard and soft floors.

Adjustment options allow noblechairs to flexibly adapt to individual requirements. Within the conical bore of the wheel base rests a height-adjustable safety class 4 gas lift which leads to the rocking mechanism at the front edge of the chair. Sitting positions can be reached using the lever of the reclining function located between the backrest and the seat area. Tilt positions can be locked and tilt tension can be adjusted with the control knob at the bottom of the seat. This regal seating experience is perfected by polyurethane 4D armrests which are adjustable in four dimensions.
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