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Ansmann Combo LiteRider Kit


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Ansmann Ansmann Combo LiteRider Kit Ansmann Combo LiteRider Kit
Описание товара на английском языке:
Safety & illumination without glare
The ANSMANN LiteRider bike light set: A high quality light set comprising an LED front light & LED rear light for simple mounting on all types of bicycles. The light unit for bicycles and mountain bikes is approved for use on public roads and illuminates the bike path perfectly with its high intensity front light without dazzling oncoming traffic and has a light range of up to 110m. With adjustable brightness (100% / 30%), the light can produce up to 100 Lumen / 3100 Lux and has a battery life of up to 7 hours.
The rear light is a modest and compact design and reliably draws road-users' attention to the cyclist.

Simple mounting
Using the lights is very simple and the mounting too can be carried out in a very short time without requiring complicated instructions. The power supply is likewise very straightforward: Both lights use alkaline batteries. When travelling or when out and about during the cycling trip, the AAA batteries can be replaced without the inconvenience of charging or mains sockets.
Thanks to the compact and modern design, the low weight (just 135g) and simple mounting by means of slide-in slots, the LiteRider set is also the perfect companion in the dark when out and about.

Summary of functions:
  • High quality light set, comprising an LED front light & LED rear light for simple mounting on all types of bicycles
  • The lights are approved for use on public roads in accordance with the German road traffic act - StVZO 22A, TA23
  • Attractively designed, robust and sturdy plastic housing
  • The special reflector in the lamp head ensures optimum illumination and a glare-free pattern of light
  • Brightness: 100 Lumen / 3100 Lux (front lights); 3 LEDs (rear light)
  • Light range up to 110m
  • Two lighting intensities can be selected for optimum use of the front light
  • Simple battery changing via removable battery slide
  • Mounts with slide-in slots for simple attachment and removal of the lights
  • Incl. 1 set of alkaline AAA batteries for both lights
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