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Cobi Electronic Challenger I 21905


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Код товара: CO-21905 Гарантия:  24 месяцев
Товар недоступен
Товар недоступен
COBI Cobi Electronic Challenger I 21905 Cobi Electronic Challenger I 21905
Oписание товара на английском языке:

COBI combined a boys' passion for military games with distinguished traditional toy, threw in some modern technology and developed a toy that would encourage creative thinking with an educative mission. Set includes 583 pieces. Build Challenger I Desert Electronic tank, traditional construction block set with a high-tech heart! The set includes 583 pcs, 2 figurines and accessories. The model is created as a reflection of British tank produced in the 1980's, that was the main British battle tank at that time. Supplied with independent motion track and electronic parts it maneuvers comfortably, moves forward & backward, turns left and right at a full 360 degrees and operates in the darkness thanks to long and short light mode settings. All that with a special remote control added to every COBI electronic set. The Electronic Tank is a great complementary item to an extended COBI Small Army collection.
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