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Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Adventures Jungle Quest FBC73


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Код товара: FBC73 Гарантия:  24 месяцев
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FISHER PRICE Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Adventures Jungle Quest FBC73 Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Adventures Jungle Quest FBC73
Oписание товара на английском языке:

A Perfect Introduction to Thomas & Friends™ Adventures

Welcome to the world of Thomas & Friends™ Adventures play sets and die-cast metal engines! Not only will these play sets provide hours of entertainment for your child, they help inspire imagination, too! And since Thomas & Friends™ Adventures engines and vehicles have plastic connectors, it's easy to create an expanded world with additional engines and play sets!

​A Rumble in the Jungle

Thomas is searching for a hidden emerald treasure in the jungle, and he needs your help, but look out for the booby traps! Roll Thomas onto the track and press the red lever once to make the gorilla chomp and watch as the track rumbles and rises. Thomas spots the treasure! Roll Thomas down the track into the Gorilla’s hand and press the lever twice to release the treasure. Press the lever three times (and hold it down) to allow Thomas to make a run for it and chase the treasure down the track. Oh no! The gorilla hid the treasure deeper within the massive jungle. Thomas never gives up when presented with a challenge. He breaks through to the other side of the jungle and finds the treasure cart in the river. Rotate the play set around to reveal the back side and continue the wild adventure! Roll Thomas by the red gate to rescue the treasure out of the river and attach the treasure cargo car to Thomas. He looks around to make his great escape out of the jungle as he pushes the treasure along the tracks and onto the rear lifting track. Push the handle 3 times and Thomas rides to the top of the play set again, to the back of the gorilla head. The chomping gorilla is no match for your child and Thomas! As Thomas and the treasure ride through the gorilla cave and down the rope bridge, he escapes with the treasure and returns it back to safety.

Fast-paced and Fun Adventures to Expand Your World!

Children love Thomas because he is cheery, curious, optimistic, and is always ready to be helpful and useful. The Thomas & Friends™ Adventures Jungle Quest playset brings the Island of Sodor to life in a fast-paced way, with limitless adventures in a mysterious jungle setting. Share the adventures by helping Thomas navigate through the wilderness, find the treasure and return it to safety!

Explore Your Creativity

Thomas & Friends™ Adventures playsets provide little imaginations with plenty of inspiration for action and adventure! With an array of figures, accessories, play sets and more, children can continue their favorite adventures with Thomas and create new ones as well. With the Thomas & Friends™ Adventures Jungle Quest, children can use their imagination and creativity and pretend to be brave alongside Thomas, as he navigates the treacherous jungle terrain and faces the chomping gorilla in search of the treasure.


  • Portable playset with special features
  • Includes a die-cast metal Thomas engine and an emerald cargo car
  • Double-sided play lets you play out the story’s adventure on one side and create your own story on the other
  • Tunnels and pathways
  • Rising track and booby trap features
  • Chomping gorilla head and reaching hand
FBC73 55.19
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