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Ravak Rosa II Bath Left Side White 160 x 105


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Prekės kodas: CM21000000 Garantija:  24 mėnesiai
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  • Tipas: Asimetriška/Kampinė
  • Medžiaga: Akrilas
  • Tūris (l): 235
  • Plotis (cm): 160
  • Spalva: Balta
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RAVAK Ravak Rosa II Bath Left Side White 160 x 105 Ravak Rosa II Bath White
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A clever bathtub with s refreshed design. The Rosa II bathtub is the latest model in the Rosa series designed by the world-famous Design Storz designers. In addition to the unique design, it has an originally designed front panel, which simplifies access to the bathtub. Comfortable lying during a bath in the Rosa bathtubs is natural, but together with a screen, they also provide a wide shower enclosure. Their shower area has a broad flat bottom and an integrated seat. You can therefore have a shower comfortably standing with the width of the upper space in the shoulder area up to 105 cm according to the particular size of the bathtub. The potential for relaxation is also provided by soft headrests and practical handrails for climbing out of the bathtub. With the Rosa bathtubs, you can buy further components in the Rosa concept. Your bathroom can thus include a washbasin, furniture, taps, a screen and other accessories in a unified design based on the shape of the bathtub.

Bathing and showering in one

If you lack the space for both a shower enclosure and a bathtub in your bathroom, choose an asymmetric bathtub. You will obtain a large bathing area compared to the area a bathtub would occupy.

What is an asymmetric bathtub?
Asymmetric bathtubs are designed to be placed in a corner but do not have the same length and width as a corner bathtub; as such, they are something between a corner and rectangular bathtub. The dimensions of asymmetric bathtubs start at 75 cm in width and 140 cm in length, and are therefore suitable for small and medium-sized bathrooms. On the other hand, the LoveStory II bathtub with dimensions of 196 x 139 cm will be appreciated by taller individuals and clients with larger bathrooms.

Surprisingly spacious

In the overall area of the bathtub, you are actually lying at an angle, so for your comfort you can utilise a greater length than the actual length of the bathtub along the wall.

A variety of shapes

Asymmetric bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes, from the well- known to the hot new design from Czech designer Kryštof Nosál, who rotated a traditional bathtub by a mere 10° to create an asymmetric bathtub with all of its advantages.


RAVAK gave asymmetric bathtubs their name and proper shape. RAVAK asymmetric bathtubs are practically designed for bathing and showering to meet the actual needs of customers.

The Rosa II bathtub can be supplemented with a bathtub screen VSK2 or CVSK1. We recommend adding a front panel, a bathtub drainage set, a handrail and a headrest. The bathtub can be reinforced by fiberglass (LA) or polyurethane foam (PU Plus). The bathtub is followed by a concept of products for the whole bathroom including a washbasin, furniture, a mirror and tap.
CM21000000 327.47
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