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BBB Cycling BCP-06 DashBoard 10


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  • Tipas: Dviračių kompiuteriai
  • Funkcijos: Automatinė start/stop sistema/Bendras ...
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BBB Cycling BBB Cycling BCP-06 DashBoard 10 BBB Cycling BCP-06 DashBoard 10
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The DashBoard cycling computer has become a bit of a design icon
Originally added to our line-up back in 2006 as a simple and small computer with a large easy to read screen, it has developed into the cycling computer of choice for people that want a basic design without a gazillion functions
When it was time to update the DashBoard, we specifically chose to respect the simplicity of the design while taking it to a next level
The size of the entire computer has been slimmed down, by combining the screen and upper part of the casing
However, it still retains its 32 by 32 millimeter display for ultimate readability
Also the simple single button operation has been carried over into this reincarnation
The simplification of the construction also means less seams and a better weatherprotection
So it’s a better DashBoard, but it’s still the same
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