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ProFit Bell Kettle Dumbbell 6kg


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Garantija:  24 mėnesiai
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Šiuo metu prekės nėra
PROfit ProFit Bell Kettle Dumbbell 6kg ProFit Bell Kettle Dumbbell 6kg
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Ergonomic dumbbell type Kettle has a comfortable grip ensures safety training.
This instrument provides a versatile, multi-functional training - developing strength, power, endurance, improves muscle tone, endurance and balance.
Exercises using dumbbells are the simplest and easiest way to increase the effort for the muscular system and the beginning of change in physical appearance.
The main advantage of exercise with free weights is that they involve more muscles than similar machines exercises on the determined motion trajectory.
Besides trained muscle group exercise for stabilizing muscles, and one and the same exercise can be carried out at various angles and in different ways.
This makes training more complete and more valuable.
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