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HanWag Belorado Mid Lady GTX Red/Black 41.5


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Prekės kodas: 4047761342884 Garantija:  24 mėnesiai
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Šiuo metu prekės nėra
HanWag HanWag Belorado Mid Lady GTX Red/Black 41.5 HanWag Belorado Mid Lady GTX Red/Black
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The Belorado Mid Lady GTX® is a versatile mid-cut women's boot for long walks and rapid hikes – or more if you are up to it...

  • Reinforcing stitching on upper
  • Smooth adjustable Ghilly-lacing on the lower section of the upper
  • Cemented construction, easy to resole
  • Clamping lace hooks on top section of uppers for precise and rapid lacing
  • Loop at heel for easy slip-on
  • Loop on tongue for easy slip-on
  • Shock Absorb: additional shock absorber in the heel
  • Leather PU reinforcing heel tension element
  • PU-laminated split leather for protection at sides from ball of foot to heel and at the toes
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